Arapahoe Rescue Patrol. Inc

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol

Spring 2024 Application

Please read this page in its entirety before starting the application. If you have any questions contact:

For any issues with application submission, please reach out to

For your application to be considered for selection for our Spring 2024 class, it must be received no later than Saturday, April 6th, 2024 by 7:00 PM MDT.

Prospective members and their parents are strongly encouraged to join one of the following recruiting meetings for a brief presentation about our operations, team structure and requirements for membership.

Please join us at one of our recruiting meetings:

Recruiting Meeting # 1 – Saturday, 30 March 2024 @ 0900 at The South Metro Fire Rescue Joint Services Facility “The Joint” – 17801 Plaza Drive, Parker
Recruiting Meeting #2 – Wednesday, 3 April 2024 @ 1900 at South Metro Fire Rescue’s “Troy Jackson Fire Training Facility” – 2301 W. Chenango Ave., Littleton

In order to be considered for probationary membership with the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol, Inc. the following requirements must be met:

● Applicants must have sufficient experience in the mountains – either in camping, hiking, scouting, hunting, or other outdoor activities.

● Applicants must be willing, if accepted, to follow orders of superiors, as well as the rules and regulations of the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol.

● Applicants must agree to respond to missions of the Patrol at any time – day or night.

● Applicants must agree to attend all required monthly meetings and field trainings, as well as any other activities, deemed required by the Patrol Officer Staff.

● Applicants must live close enough to the Patrol Headquarters, 6529 South Broadway in Littleton, CO – to be able to arrive at headquarters within a reasonable amount of time to assist at the time a call is received. Generally, a thirty-minute driving time is acceptable.

● Applicants must agree to maintain school grades according to the Patrol grade policy. Currently, our standards specify that 2 “D’s” or 1 “F” are unacceptable.

● Applicants must agree to maintain Patrol standards, which govern school relations, community conduct, and personal habits so members will not bring discredit upon the patrol or any of its members.

● Applicants must agree to purchase all necessary equipment and uniforms and to provide the necessary expense for transportation and food on training activities and missions.

Applicants MUST be able to attend ALL BASIC TRAINING as described below, no exceptions will be made:
  1. May 11th, 2024 (Saturday)  — In-town Basic Training (9:00AM – 4:00PM) // there will also be a new parent meeting taking place on this date as well. More details TBA
  2. June 7th – June 9th, 2024 (leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon) — Basic Training 1 – all weekend field training
  3. June 10th – June 12th, 2024 (Daily from 9:00AM – 4:00PM) – Search and Rescue school classroom training
  4. June 21rd – June 23th, 2024 (leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon) — Basic Training 2 – all weekend field training
  5. July 13th & 14th, 2024 — Wilderness First Aid – This class is two full days and is required for members to get off probation. If you are unable to attend both of these scheduled days, you may take this class from an external, accredited provider at your own expense.
If you are unable to attend both of the scheduled Wilderness First-Aid certification days, you may also take this class from an external, accredited provider at your own expense.

Upon completion of the application, you will be asked to pay a $225.00 application fee in the manner selected. This application fee is to cover the cost of equipment including personal safety equipment, the required patrol uniform, identification card, name plate, and a required background check. For any questions on the application fee, or what this fee is used to purchase, please contact

For your application to be considered, you will also be asked to complete a background check through a 3rd party service. Once the application deadline has passed, you will receive an email from a 3rd party background check service to the email you submitted in your application. Completion of this background check is required for your application to be considered.

Note: Application progress will not save, you must complete it in its entirety or you will lose your progress. To make your application process easier, before starting the application, you may want to prepare some items needed for your application. You will be asked for the following:

      1. Drivers License Information (If Applicable)
      2. Parent / Legal Guardian information
      3. Contact information for 3 references from each of the following: (Please have their name, phone number, and position ready)
              • One school teacher
              • One school administrator
              • One member of the community
      4. A recent photo of yourself (.jpg/.png file is required)
      5. Photo of your school transcript (.jpg/.png file is required, cannot be a .pdf file)
      6. Short answer responses to the following prompts
              • Please list any backcountry experience that you have had (hiking, camping, scouts, etc.) as well as any special skills or special training that might be applicable (first aid, scuba, rock climbing, etc.)
              • Explain your reasons for wanting to join the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol, Inc. Include what you have to offer to the team and what you seek to gain from your membership.
By selecting to begin my application, I agree that I am a qualified applicant and that I fulfill all requirements as stated above.