Arapahoe Rescue Patrol. Inc

Our Leadership

To ensure continued Search and Rescue operations and training, the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol is guided by a ten-member strong Board of Directors. This dedicated group offers comprehensive oversight of the organization’s activities and performance, transcending the immediate operational realm. Their concerted efforts are directed towards ensuring the sustained financial backing and steadfast support required for the organization to thrive in the years ahead, consistently fortifying the mission’s longevity and impact. Learn more about our experienced team below!

Barbara Nicholas


Barbara Nicholas orchestrates ARP’s strategic planning and provides invaluable executive oversight. A seasoned leader with over a decade of experience at the helm of high-growth teams in the dynamic realms of cybersecurity research and telco infrastructure, Barbara ensures ARP’s success through meticulously crafted meeting agendas and effective communication, fostering an environment of sound decision-making. Although not a prior ARP member, Barbara was an involved parent from 2019 to 2022, lending a personal touch to their commitment. Barbara filled a much needed position upon joining the board in 2019, driven by a passion for both youth development and ARP’s search and rescue mission. Her dedication to equipping ARP members with essential life skills resonates deeply, as she believes in fostering independence and readiness for life beyond high school. To contact, reach out at

Jeremy Adams

Vice President

Jeremy Adams plays a pivotal role by providing steadfast support to the President and fellow Board Members, ensuring the seamless functioning of ARP’s leadership team. In addition, Jeremy has strategically positioned himself to best support the Chief Staff, Officer Staff, and Members, all aligned to fulfill the vital mission of serving the Community and the broader State of Colorado. Beyond his board responsibilities, Jeremy wears multiple hats as the President of Front Range HVAC, owner of an HVAC Trades School, and a dedicated Volunteer Firefighter at Elizabeth Fire Department. Having walked the path of an ARP Member from 2002 to 2007, Jeremy is committed to ARP’s legacy, even as his own kids eagerly anticipate joining the team in the future. While juggling these roles, Jeremy treasures quality time with his family of seven – five kids: four boys, and a spirited girl. Whether traveling or giving back to the community, Jeremy seizes free moments with enthusiasm. Motivated by the profound impact ARP had on his own life, Jeremy has embraced his role to infuse progress into the board through his extensive experience in Emergency Services and Business. He see ARP’s evolution as a necessity in these ever-changing times, ensuring that operational Members have the tools to execute the mission. Guided by a philosophy of positive impact, Jeremy envisions the board as a transformative platform to empower young adults to achieve their greatest potential. To connect, contact

Rick Smischny


With a steadfast commitment to ARP spanning decades, Rick Smischny took on various roles, having served as President and Vice President since joining the Board in 2003. As Secretary, Rick ensures that agendas and minutes are flawlessly orchestrated and ensures papers are in order. Beyond the boardroom, his professional journey as a Project Manager and Implementation Specialist for EPICOR’s ERP has taken him across North America, lending expertise to the lumber, millwork, and building materials industry. Rick was a member and command staff from 1969 to 1972, and has continued to dedicate time to the organization since then. Family ties run deep, as Rick’s son and even his younger brothers have been part of ARP, keeping the legacy alive. His motivation to join the board stems from a desire to uphold ARP’s cherished traditions. After his son’s involvement reignited his connection with ARP in 1999, Rick felt compelled to offer his experience and passion to guide ARP’s journey forward. To contact, reach out to

John Norin


John Norin manages the Patrol’s fiscal landscape, guided by the Board’s strategic direction. With a dynamic professional portfolio, John shines as a technical executive in satellite and wireless telecom, while also donning the cap of a dedicated Volunteer Firefighter Captain and EMT. While not an operational ARP Member, John’s connection runs deep as a proud parent – his son Mark actively embraced ARP’s mission from 2009 to 2010 and now stands as a graduate member. Beyond the numbers, John finds joy in being an Amateur (ham) radio operator, holding an Extra class license as WA4RS. Motivated by the drive to organize checks and bolster the organization through meticulous spreadsheets, John brings hisfinancial acumen to the board. To engage in fiscal discussions or learn more, connect at

Sarah Meadows

Training and PSU Liaison Director

As the driving force behind refining training within the Patrol, Sarah Meadows ensures that members benefit from evolving opportunities. Her dedication extends to fostering communication and alignment between the Board and the Parent Support Unit (PSU). In the professional sphere, Sarah thrives as the Director of Clinical Education at Denver Health. While not a prior ARP Member, Sarah embraces their role as an ARP Parent from 2021 to the present, sharing in ARP’s impactful journey. Joining the board was a natural step for Sarah, driven by the profound way ARP intertwines community service with empowering youth. Recognizing that the members possess boundless potential, Sarah was drawn to ARP’s mission, providing young adults the platform to engage in meaningful search and rescue endeavors through proper training and education. Connect with Sarah to share insights or opportunities at

Jake Gunn-Sandell

Fundraising & Partnership Director

With a multifaceted role, Jake orchestrates all things fundraising – from dynamic events, grants, and recurring donations to crowdfunding campaigns. His prowess extends to cultivating valuable relationships with corporations, agencies, universities, and non-profits, enriching the experience for all members. Beyond ARP, Jake is a Managing Director in Executive Search, elevating B2B and consumer technology companies by placing top-tier VP and C-level executives. His journey with ARP is a testament to his commitment, having been an active Member from 2010 to 2014 and even serving as Captain from 2012 to 2014. Jake recently embraced stand-up comedy, gracing Denver’s open mic stages. As a former Disney character performer during college, Jake’s zest for life shines through his diverse experiences. His motivation to join the board is rooted in gratitude and a desire to give back, ensuring ARP’s legacy of growth and mentorship endures. Connect with Jake to explore partnerships at

Michelle Jordan


As our Policy and Non-Profit Advisor, Michelle brings invaluable expertise to ARP’s governance. In the professional realm, Michelle flourishes as a Bookkeeping and Business Management specialist. While not a prior ARP Member, Michelle’s connection lies in being a parent from 2015 to 2018, during which she recognized the profound impact ARP has on both the community and the development of young adults. Driven by her appreciation for ARP’s contributions and her desire to ensure its future success, Michelle joined the board to contribute to the organization’s continued positive influence. To contact, reach out to

Nick Garavaglia

Internal Affairs

As Director of Internal Affairs, Nick is a vital force in maintaining a cohesive and successful environment for all members. With a professional history as a Police Detective for the City of Atlanta Police Department, Nick brings a wealth of experience. While new to the ARP Family, Nick’s enthusiasm shines as he embarks on this journey. Beyond his professional roles, Nick is an outdoor enthusiast – finding joy in mountain biking, hiking alongside his wife and dogs, and even indulging in the art of knife making. The motivation behind joining the board was fueled by Nick’s desire to continue serving the community after their tenure in law enforcement. A passion for mentorship, combined with the goal of supporting the next generation, forms the foundation of his commitment. To contact, reach out at

Stephen Hafertepen

Physician Advisor & Worker’s Comp.

Stephen holds a pivotal role in managing worker’s compensation, policies, and medical-related matters. As a distinguished Physician specialized in general surgery, trauma acute care, and surgical critical care, Stephen brings invaluable expertise to the table. Their ARP journey is rooted in dedication, having joined in 1997, graduating in 2000, and then continuing to contribute. Stephens’s continued commitment stems from a profound sense of gratitude towards ARP’s influence. Beyond the medical realm, he enjoys woodworking. Stephen’s position on the board was a natural progression, driven by the desire to give back to an organization that played a pivotal role in shaping his journey, and to pave the way for future generations, including his own children. To contact, reach out at

Jack Huston

Technology Director

Jack plays a pivotal role in ensuring ARP’s technological effectiveness. With his unique perspective as the youngest member, Jack infuses decision-making with a well-balanced outlook. Beyond ARP, Jack’s professional journey as a Satellite Propulsion Engineer at Lockheed Martin Space reflects his dedication to innovation. Having previously served as Sergeant and Lieutenant from 2017 to 2019, Jack recently experienced ARP’s transformative impact. Funneling the experience gained from ARP, Jack immerses himself in an array of outdoor pursuits, from backcountry skiing, mountaineering, canyoneering, and climbing. His journey comes full circle as he now lends his energy and expertise to the board, aiming to offer others the same transformative opportunities he received. To contact, reach out at